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zombiesunshine's Journal

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There's not much to say. ^^" I'm homeschooled, and I'm a Roman Catholic. I do, admittedly, laugh at dirty jokes sometimes. Blame it on my teenagerocity. I'm kind of right between girly-girl and tomboy, I've got a lot of interests which tend to appeal more to boys, but some boy-stuff bores/annoys me. I like fashion, which is decidedly untomboyish, but, hey, I'm just gonna do what I like. I have a habit of geeking out over silly things, and I'm a little too energetic at times. I'm a little loud. I'm from a big family, six kids. My favorite animals are horses, cats, dogs, tigers, lizards, anything which doesn't run all skittery. I don't like spiders, but bees and worms are cute! I like to make up new words, and occasionally write rather terrifying surreal humor stories with my little brother. Okaaay, that's about it.

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